A House is Not Home until It Gets a Magical Touch from April & Oaks

I was all set to move to Australia but had a little fear how would things turn out to be. But still with problem moving to Australia proved very fortunate for me. The reason behind this fortune was discovering April & Oaks promo codes for 2017 which helped me in taking care of my house in a thorough manner.

My husband got a transfer to Australia and this led to us – his family to move to Australia with him from New Zealand. Though the distance from New Zealand to Australia was not much still I was not quite happy with the moving thing s all my comfort and a well-known area will now be gone. I complained about this to my husband but he didn’t reply as this was not in his will as well but had to follow the requirements his workplace has asked him to do so.

I packed everything for the new house and was ready for the shifting but a fear was there in my heart as I never saw this house where we will be shifting to or the area or surrounding. My fear kept on increasing.

The day we reached Australia and then to our house, my jaw drop down with astonishment when I saw the house for the first time. It was picturesque of a villa or a palace but not a simple house and it all belonged to us. My kids were extremely happy to see the huge lush garden in which they had swings for the kids.

I went inside and saw the empty house with our furniture which through cargo reached yesterday kept in one corner. The furniture looked so less in front of the huge house that I got a little worried in that regard.

My husband noticed my concern and told me that the company didn’t give us the furniture but gave an amount so that we can decorate the house. Still, this didn’t solve my problem.

Later that night I called my mum showing her the house and told her about the anxiety I was going through. She gave me a very convenient solution to look out for the online store to shop for the furniture without wasting time to visit stores physically. She even told me about April & Oak which was the store even used by her friend in Australia to shop for homeware and all.

After talking to mum I visited the site and it had all the comforts and latest furniture which I could not have even thought of on such reasonable price. As the amount for purchasing furniture was already handed over to me by my husband so I made few small purchases while I selected few furniture items to consult with my husband before buying.

After getting the approval I went for all the purchases which reached me in a week time period and by looking at the stuff I got so inspired by the store that all my transactions now involve April & Oak. Even when I want to gift someone or send something to my mum then this is the best place for me to shop at with such reasonable prices that can let me continue with my peace of mind.

My house now truly looks like a palace with the beautiful decorations and high-quality furniture coming from April & Oak.

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